Salfia Unani Medical College Hospital Laheriasarai Darbhanga 846001

Salfia Hospital Darbhanga

Salfia Unani Medical College Hospital is one of the leading healthcare institutions in Laheriasarai Darbhanga, 846001 providing a wide range of medical services to the community. It is nested on 5 acre campus amidst lush green gardens to create a peaceful and calming atmosphere for its patients. It provides comprehensive patient care with its modern technologies and experienced team of doctors and staffs.

Medical Services provided by Salfia Unani Medical College Hospital
The medical services available at the Salfia Unani Medical College Hospital is both preventive and curative in nature. The hospital offers consultations and treatments for various diseases from acne, diabetes, skin allergies, obesity, heart ailments to major surgeries related to orthopaedics, ENT, gynaecology-obstetrics etc. Not just that but it also provides dental treatments such as root canal treatment (RCT), braces fitting as well as other general checkups like eye tests etc. In addition to this, it also performs Laboratory tests (such as ELISA test) alongside X-ray scans.

On which days is Salfia Unani Medical College Hospital operational?
SalfiaUnani Medical College Hospital operates round the clock which means 16 hours of service each day starting from 7am onwards till 11 pm on every Monday – Saturday enjoying full-day off Sundays except in case of emergencies where duty hours might be extended during any one particular day or may be even extra shift might start along with additional staff if required catering to the needs of patients instantly and adequately..

How to reach Salfia Unani Medical College Hospital?
Salfia Unani Medical College Hospital is conveniently located at Railing Road Laherisarai Darbhanga 846001 near the shopping complex making it very easy accessible for anyone. It’s only 1 km away from nearest railway station & 4 km away from Madhubanni main bus stand so travelling will not be an issue if you are coming by train or bus . You can take a auto or cab or find direct buses running frequently between these two stops as well depending upon your convenience

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