Samas Hospital New 147 Ipaja Rd Alimosho Location Lagos

Samas Hospital Lagos

Samas Hospital is a renowned hospital clinic located in Ipaja, Alimosho, Lagos. It is known for providing excellent medical services to its customers and has developed an impressive reputation over the years. With a team of highly trained and friendly staff, this Hospital Clinic is dedicated to provide you with the perfect treatment every time you visit the facility.

At Samas Hospital, various medical services are offered in which they specialize in diagnostics, general and specialized treatments such as surgery or childbirth. Also on its agenda are therapies related to physical well-being like aromatherapy or nutrition consumption advice to lead a healthier life.

In order to give each patient full attention, Samas Hospital is operational from Monday through Sunday from 8am – 8pm so they can ensure patients feel comfortable and have all of their questions answered before ending the appointment.

To reach Samas Hospital takes less than fifteen minutes depending on traffic; it’s located at New 147 Ipaja Rd Alimosho Location Lagos with ample parking space for those who come with their own cars. To contact them for any query please call them at 070 Bchuiv 123401 or drop an email at contactus@ requesting your desired service or asking any questions related to your requirements or inquiries specifically regarding their services as provided by Samas Hospital medical staff members .

They also offer special packages on different occasions in order for you to take advantage of discounted rates when obtaining regular check-ups for your family or companions throughout the year. Make sure not to miss out!

With an efficient staff and great customer care policies , it will be difficult not to find what you are looking for when visiting this hospital clinic in Lagos . Give them a call today so that one of their experts can guide you through the best treatment plan available . Your health awaits !

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