Sancta Maria Catholic Hospital Jattu Edo State

Sancta Maria Jattu

Sancta Maria Catholic Hospital Jattu is a highly renowned and accredited hospital located in Edo State, Nigeria. This hospital clinic provides excellent medical services to those in need, with a wide range of services such as general medicine as well as specialties like cardiology, gynecology, and pediatrics.

At Sancta Maria Catholic Hospital Jattu, the team of experienced doctors and nurses offer patients treatments throughout the week with varying operating times. Monday to Thursday are active for appointments from 6 pm onwards. Saturday from 8 am the clinic is open for consultations and Sunday operation hours are 6 pm-10pm for emergency cases only. Hours can change depending on medical needs, so it is advisable to call ahead or check their website for any updates or restrictions regarding opening hours.

Getting to Sancta Maria Catholic Hospital Jattu is easy; it is located at Ugboko Inland Village Uromi LGA Jattu Edo State Nigeria about 7 minutes’ drive from Okpekpe mountain resort. The conveniently situated location makes it accessible from most places in Edo State via public transport or private car/taxi services from cities like Ososo, Ekperi and Owa Alero etc.,

With an outstanding performance in providing quality service and healthcare to its clients within its region, Sancta Maria Catholic Hospital Jattu strives to optimize patient care by offering affordable services at competitive prices while employing evidence-based methods that guarantee improved outcomes while maintaining high quality of work ethic standards which have made them stand out amongst other hospitals in the area.

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