Sanjeevani Medical Hall I B Rd Tilak Nagar Muzaffarpur Bihar 842003 India

Sanjeevani Medical Muzaffarpur

Introduction- Sanjeevani Medical Hall I B Rd, Tilak Nagar Muzaffarpur Bihar 842003 India
Sanjeevani Medical Hall is a health care center located in Tilak Nagar, Muzaffarpur. It has a team of well-trained and experienced doctors and other health care personnel who strive to provide quality services to every patient that visits the hospital.

Medical Services Offered By Sanjeevani Medical Hall–The hospital offers a broad spectrum of medical services ranging from general medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics and surgery, to neurological diagnosis, ophthalmology, ENT as well as accupuncture services. All these services are provided according to international standards under the watchful supervision of experienced physicians. Apart from this, the hospital also houses several rehabilitation centers and continuous medical education niches which provides regular training courses for medical personnel along with multiple paramedical specialities like physiotherapy, nutrition science, speech therapy etc.

On Which Days Is Sanjeevani Medical Hall Operative?– Sanjeevani Medical Hall remains operational seven days a week(including Mondays). Services including routine consultations are provided all day except on Sundays when doors open at 9 AM IST. On special occasions like festivals or public holidays it may remain closed for a few extra hours or an entire day depending upon certain conditions.

How To Reach Sanjeevani Medical Hall?–Reaching Sanjeevani Medical Hall is extremely convenient since it is located close proximity to popular bus routes connecting Muzaffarpur district with major cities of Bihar like Patna and Gaya as well as the national highway 30. The address is as follows –Sanjeevani Medical Hall I B Rd Tilak Nagar Muzaffarpur Bihar 842003 India . From Tilak Nagar Bus Stand location you can take an auto rickshaw to reach the clinic or use your own vehicle The nearest railway station is located at 5km distance and easy transportation options exists from both railway station ad bus stand

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