Sckye Hospital Oba Adesida Road 340283 Akure Nigeria

Sckye Hospital Akure

Why Choose Sckye Hospital Oba Adesida Road 340283 Akure Nigeria ?

If you’re in need of superior medical services, the first place to turn to should be Sckye Hospital Oba Adesida Road 340283 Akure Nigeria. The hospital offers a comprehensive range of high-quality healthcare services with the latest advances in modern medicine. From traditional health care treatment and services such as general checkups and preventive care, vaccination campaigns, pediatric care and emergency medical services; to specialist in-hospital services like cancer screening and surgery, fertility treatments and even mental health counseling; there’s something on offer for every healthcare need at Sckye Hospital.

Whether you’re looking for urgent care or just a routine checkup, it’s important that you choose Sckye Hospital for their commitment to providing high-quality service while maintaining certified standards of excellence recognized globally. Their team of qualified doctors understand the importance of giving quality medical attention to each patient, so they can get back into good health quickly and effectively.

What Services Are Offered By Sckye Hospital?
At Sckye Hospital, patients can access a wide array of health services including general medicine, cardiology, neurology, gynecology & obstetrics, orthopedics & sports medicine, psychiatry & psychology specialization as well as nursing & allied care services. They also provide ambulatory diagnostic testing (Ultrasound/ Echo Cardiography) as well as laboratory tests including blood tests. For more specialized needs they offer advanced options such as endoscopic procedures(upper gastrointestinal examination) bariatric surgeries for weight reduction and management interpersonal therapy sessions conducted by mental health experts.

On Which Days Is Sckye Hospital Operational?
Sckye Hospital runs from Mondays to Saturdays from 8am till 6pm so patients have plenty of time to easily schedule their appointments or any necessary follow ups with no difficulty whatsoever! Additionally they have 24×7 Emergency Services for any urgent matters that may arise after office hours or during public holidays!

How To Reach Sckye Hospital?
Reaching this esteemed institute is extremely easy with its complete address listed below:

Sckye Hospital , Oba Adesida Road 340283 , Akure Nigeria

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