Sekeenah Hospital No 3 Olaoshe Close Off Sebiotimo St Idi Mangoro Location Lagos

Sekeenah Hospital Lagos

Sekeenah Hospital No 3: All You Need to Know About This Lagos Medical Clinic
Sekeenah Hospital No 3 is a popular medical clinic situated in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria. It has been offering quality services to patients for more than 40 years now and continues to be one of the most reliable and accessible medical clinics in the city. With highly trained personnel, cost-effective treatments and an equipped infrastructure, this clinic is your one-stop solution for all health care needs.

What Kinds of Services Are Offered By Sekeenah Hospital No3?
At Sekeenah Hospital No 3 you can find comprehensive healthcare services that includes primary care, minor surgeries, check-ups & assessments, dilating vision tests, laboratory tests and 24 hours emergency medical attention. The fully structured facility makes sure you have timely access to medical treatments as it maintains a balance among competent staffs, experienced physicians and latest technological equipment. Understanding the importance of sound mental health, Sekeenah not only offers quality physical support but also prioritize mental development by providing psychological assessment and counseling when needed by patient.

When Is Sekeenah Hospital No3 Operational?
Sekeenah is open all days of the week from 8 am till 6 pm except Saturday which generally falls as closed. As it is a 24 hours hospital with emergency care provisions available even after office timing we strongly recommend patients to refer any urgent matters or issues they are facing outside normal operating hours to emergency departments on immediate basis for timely assessment and treatments.

Where Can I Find This Clinic?
Sekeenah Hospital No 3 is located at Olaoshe Close off Sebiotimo St Idi Mangoro Location Lagos Nigeria with phone 08033785622 against future references or inquiries related to its services or location map instructions for 2020/21 please do visit our official website sekenaClinicLagosNigeria .com which contains detailed instructions about route map as well as contact information required for queries related clinic operations & timings

Every patient’s well-being is important and having said that SekenaHCN003 (short code name) clearly stands out among other available options in town due to its paramount quality assurance with exceptional results; specially designed policies reflects upon generations old customer service experience making sure you never hesitate when seeking treatment again!

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