Semino Hospitals 27Isieke Street Abakpa Location Enugu

Semino Hospital Enugu

Semino Hospitals, located at 27Isieke Street, in the Abakpa area of Enugu Nigeria, is a full-service hospital clinic that provides quality care to its patients. The highly trained medical staff offer excellent treatment for a variety of ailments. Patients can find preventive and curative services with inpatient and outpatient care.

The Hospital Clinic Semino is open throughout the week from 8AM to 5PM. It has emergency support available 24/7 for treating any life-threatening injuries or conditions. The staff onsite provide compassionate care and attention with individualized treatment plans, taking into consideration the overall wellbeing of the patient.

The hospital clinic is easily accessible from major roads and highways near Abakpa area of Enugu Nigeria. It also provides parking facilities for your convenience when visiting. If you’re considering visiting Semino Hospitals for treatments, do remember to carry relevant information like medical history reports or physician referrals if needed.

At Semino Hospitals, you will get world-class healthcare delivered by experienced professionals who specialize in various areas such as pediatric medicine, internal medicine, infectious diseases department, laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging services coupled with some of the most advanced equipment available amongst Nigerian hospitals clinics today! Services like preventative health screening sessions are also conducted periodically to educate people on maintaining healthy lifestyles whilst also preventing potentially serious illnesses and diseases through early detection.

For any queries regarding scheduling an appointment or additional services provided by Semino Hospitals hospital clinic, do not hesitate to contact them directly at 27Isieke Street Abakpa Location Enugu or via email address/contact number provided on their website. With best-in-class services provided through cutting edge technology and world class hospitality standards; this hospital is here to meet all your medical needs!

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