Seraph Medical Practice 21 Usman Sarki Cres Mabushi Location Abuja

Seraph Practice Abuja

Hospital Clinic: Services Offered By Seraph Medical Practice

If you’re looking for top-notch medical care, consider checking out the Seraph Medical Practice 21 Usman Sarki Cres Mabushi Location Abuja. Located in the heart of downtown Abuja, the clinic offers a wide range of medical services that will make sure your family stays healthy and happy. From checkups to treatments and more, the staff at this clinic strive to ensure excellent patient care.

At Seraph Medical Practice, you can receive a variety of different services from general wellness care to specialist visits. Whether you need a flu shot or help managing an existing condition, the highly qualified doctors are here to help. General checkups include physical exams that help make sure your health is on track. If needed, the clinic offers lab testing as well as X-rays for additional diagnostic needs. Additionally, if you’re suffering from minor injuries or illnesses such as colds or sports injuries, there is an urgent care clinic where you can drop in for quick treatment without needing an appointment – perfect when time is of the essence!

The clinic also offers mental health and behavior counseling services with counselors available by appointment who can provide support and guidance through challenging times in life including stress management and addiction recovery programs. And if it’s time for another member of your family to come into the world – please remember that Seraph Medical Practice is equipped with women’s health resources including childbirth classes and well as postnatal care.

When Is The Hospital Clinic Open?
Seraph Medical Practice is open seven days a week including extended hours during specific times of year such as summertime after schools close down or during December spans around winter holidays. Check their website for current hours but generally speaking appointments start at 8am Monday-Friday with late evening hours until 9pm some nights plus special weekend sessions alternating Saturday 10-1 pm versus Sunday 1-4 pm schedule .Urgent Care department follows similar pattern but may have additional availability on weekends to accommodate emergency needs with typically shorter wait time at those slower periods so lining up effort accordingly is recommended .

How To Reach The Hospital Clinic? Located only 25 minutes away from Zuma Rock and fifteen minutes from Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport ,the Clinic at Usman Sarki Crescent Mabushi Abuja ,Nigeria is easy to find .Do reach out if any specific information like directions , GPS coordinates or more detailed description about surrounding area needed before trip planned .You also may fill contact form online prior visiting if necessary paperwork can be obtained beforehand which sometimes able save time once reach reception desk otherwise registration formalities run smoothly once superintendent staff fully prepared ahead arrival here anyway usually done few minutes properly furnished plan .Welcome aboard – road seraph !

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