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Shabnam Hospital Begusarai

Shabnam Hospital – a Unique and Innovative Hospital Clinic
Welcome to Shabnam Hospital, a unique and innovative hospital clinic located in Deonah Rd Begusarai Bihar 851122. Offering immensely competent medical services, Shabnam Hospital offers quality healthcare that caters to all kinds of patients regardless of their medical requirements.

Most importantly, the hospital provides specialized care through an exceptionally talented and experienced team of doctors. They offer a wide range of treatments including primary care, internal medicine, gastroenterology, dermatology, orthopaedics, neurology, and several other specializations. With the perfect amalgam of cutting-edge technology as well as world-class infrastructure facilities like intensive care units (ICUs), emergency response systems etc., Shabnam Hospital is indeed one of its kind in the region.

When Is Shabnam Hospital Open?
The hospital operates from Monday to Saturday from 9 AM till 5 PM respectively and is closed on Sundays for rest & maintenance reasons. Apart from this fixed weekly timetable, additional times can also be booked for any special treatments with prior intimation only. This makes it easier for busy patients completely depending on their convenience to make an appointment at Shabnam Hospital instantly.

How Can I Reach To Shabnam Hospital?
Reaching out to the world-class facility provided by the hospital is very easy with its precise location information available online too making it convenient for patients to get there quickly and in no time at all. Here’s how you can directly reach out to us –

Address: Deonah Rd Begusarai Bihar 851122
Phone number: +91 782 794 7093
Website address: www(dot)shabhmanhospital(dot)com/

To sum up everything, if you are looking forward to getting quality medical treatment while seeking great scheduling flexibility then don’t hesitate or look anywhere else! Just visit us today at Shabnam HotelBegusarai Bihar 851122 and be content with the knowledge that you are receiving one of the best forms of healthcare available locally!

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