Shelterd Specialist Hospital 467 Oron Road Mbiabong 520102 Uyo Nigeria

Shelterd Hospital Uyo

At Shelterd, our priority is to provide the highest quality medical services and care. We understand the importance of looking after your wellbeing, and aim to ensure you receive superior healthcare. Our hospital specializes in a wide range of medical procedures and treatments, so can be rest assured that putting your trust with us in capable hands.

What Services Does Shelterd Provide?
Shelterd provides comprehensive medical care services for patients from all walks of life. Our most popular services include: general and specialized surgery; oncology; radiology; maternity; pediatrics; physical therapy; fertility counseling; cardiology, opthalmology, dentistry, dermatology, neurology and endocrinology treatment options. In addition to the above services we offer full-time healthcare support staff who are always ready to assist our patients with any health concerns they may have.

On Which Days Is Shelterd Operational?
Shelterd is open 7 days a week—Monday to Sunday—from 8am till 5pm daily. All operations can be carried out during these hours. For any inquiries before or after these times, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly via phone or email for assistance.

How Can I Reach Shelterd?
Located in Uyo Nigeria 467 Oron Road Mbiabong 520102 , Shelterd offers ample parking options for clientele coming in by car or taxi on both sides of the hospital building entrance. The nearest bus stop is approximately 2 kilometres away from the hospital and there are straightforward routes you can easily take when travelling by public transport. As a safety precaution, it is advisable that patients travelling alone at night time use trusted rideshare organisations like Uber or Bolt instead or call one of our friendly receptionists for directions if needed!

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