Shikha Medical Hall Gangapur Athar Bihar 848121 India

Shikha Medical Athar

Shikha Medical Hall: A Paradigm of Quality Care in Gangapur Athar

Located in the heart of Gangapur Athar, Indiana is Shikha Medical Hall hospital clinic – a one-stop destination for quality medical care. Established with an aim to provide round-the-clock emergency services and specialized treatments for quality healthcare, this hospice has been serving the community since its inception. With their team of qualified staff and experienced professionals supervised by renowned specialists, they prioritize patients’ comfort above all else.

Medical Services by Shikha Medical Hall
Shikha Medical Hall offers a host of medical services ranging from general health checks and preventive healthcare plans to specialized treatments like cardiology, ophthalmology, pediatrics and minor surgeries. Their proficient team of doctors are well versed in diagnoses relating to internal medicine as well as specialties like urology, obstetrics and gynecology among others. Also on offer are physical therapy, patient education classes and medical imaging facility catering for especially preemie babies. In addition to that they even have ambulance service stationed at close proximity when required for those who need immediate emergency care.

When Is Shikha Medical Hall Open?
This hospice is operational throughout the week from 8 AM till 7 PM except for Sundays during which they remain closed till 2 PM post which they resume service again until 7PM. On festival holidays too they stay shut following which normalcy resumes usually the very next day in order to serve their patients betterutilsesdptoerotperonsarephrnacesadsseaddwassnkw;jeangdxoewypsodifo;;powpfepaotinmss

How To Reach Shikha Medical Hall?
Those seeking treatment or wishing to avail any facilities provided by this hospital can reach them easily located in Sripardhan area near Laxmi Mandir Road at Gangapur Athar 848121 India

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