Sickle Cell Centre Reservation Rd Oka Benin City Edo State

Sickle Cell Benin

Sickle Cell Centre Reservation Rd – A Trendsetting Hospital Clinic in Oka Benin City, Edo State

When you’re at a tipping point and in need of the best quality medical services for yourself or your loved ones, look no further than Sickle Cell Centre Reservation Rd – a trendsetting hospital clinic located in Oka Benin City, Edo State. Here you’ll find a specialized team of medical professionals eager to provide top of the line care for an extensive list of medical conditions.

Providing Quality Care Since 1991

Since 1991, the Sickle Cell Centre Reservation Rd has served to provide quality healthcare through their expert team of physicians. This includes family practice physicians as well as specialists such as cardiologists, pediatricians, orthopedic surgeons and others who offer comprehensive treatment options designed to suit your needs. Their wide array of services include diagnostic testing, preventive health programmes aimed at all age groups and general medical assistance so that each patient is taken good care of from the start.

Services Offered On All Days Of The Week
The Sickle Cell Centre Reservation Rd is highly functional on all days of the week and open 365 days a year between 7am-7pm. This ensures maximum convenience for patients living in or visiting Oka Benin City who are looking to seek quality medical assistance with prompt results. On weekends they also specialize in preventive treatments while also providing immediate first aid help at any time needed. All this is done while maintaining strict hygienic standards along with safe contactless protocols for patients’ safety throughout their visit here.
Hospital Accessibility Made Easy
Reaching this hospital clinic is easy owing to its location on Reservation Road close to many public transport facilities which makes travelling here convenient and hassle-free for everyone concerned. The friendly staff are always available on call or telecommunication platforms should anyone require help with appointment bookings or other queries before making their visit here. They even provide helpful recommendations nearby places to stay during extended visits if needed at very competitive rates.

With its commitment towards being a one-stop destination for all quality primary healthcare needs backed by state-of-the-art facilities and competent staff members, it’s no wonder that the Sickle Cell Centre Reservation Rd can proudly call itself one of the most sought-after hospital clinics in Oka Benin city, Edo State today!

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