Silchar Heart Care Research Centre Hailakandi Road Silchar 788005 India

Heart Care Silchar

What Is Silchar Heart Care Research Centre?

Silchar Heart Care Research Centre, located in Hailakandi Road Silchar 788005 India, is the region’s premier medical center for comprehensive cardiac care and research. Venturing into its 12th year of successful service to the community, Silchar Heart Care boasts a staff of top notch Doctors and Nurses who are driven by their passion for providing world-class medical care backed by cutting edge treatment modalities. Our mission is to deliver optimal heart care solutions to our patients with empathy and individual attention coupled with outstanding customer service.

Which Services Does Silchar Heart Care Research Centre Offer?
Interventional cardiology, Hypertension, Obesity screening & Cardiac surgery, Cardiac rehabilitation, Sleep medicine and Pulmonology services together make up the range of holistic treatments available at Sightar Heart Care Research Centre. We also provide services such as Holter monitoring (24-72 hours continuous ECG monitoring), Exercise stress test (TMT), Echocardiogram (2D & Doppler Echo) and Trans-esophageal echocardiogram (TEE). Our preventive health checkup packages help detect cardiovascular diseases in the early stages before they further aggravate leading to any irreversible damage.

On What Days Is Silchar Heart Care Research Centre Operational?
Our dedicated team works round the clock seven days a week to provide timely medical assistance without fail. We offer 24×7 services including consultation, diagnostics imaging tests such as echocardiography and certain surgeries such as coronary angioplasty at all times including holidays for patients who require emergency treatments.

How Can I Reach To Silchar Heart Care Research Centre? The clinic is easily accessible by road from any part of town. It can be reached quickly without much traffic or obstacles on Hailakandi Road which connects it to primary localities within a few minutes drive away from anywhere in surrounding locations.

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