Soiton Hospital Akpajo River Sandfield Road Umurolu 501101 Location Port Harcourt

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Welcome to Soiton Hospital Akpajo, a well-equipped medical facility offering quality healthcare services in the heart of Port Harcourt Rivers. This hospital is dedicated to providing the best healthcare services using leading edge technology and experienced professionals.

What Services Does Soiton Hospital Akpajo Offer?
Soiton Hospital Akpajo offers a wide range of healthcare services including general medicine, gynecology, radiology, cardiology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, otolaryngology (ear nose and throat), neurology, dermatology and gastroenterology. The hospital also offers advanced surgical services such as laparoscopy and robotic surgeries. In addition to these specialized services, Soiton Hospital Akpajo also provides comprehensive medical care for both adults and children from birth through adolescence. These services include basic primary care services which may include preventive screenings and immunizations as well as acute short-term illnesses like colds and flus.

On Which Days Is Soiton Hospital Akpajo Operational?
Soiton Hospital Akpajo is open 7 days per week with extended hours on weekdays for our walk-in patients who need urgent care or have last minute appointments. This allows all patients access to quality medical care when they need it most without having to wait days or even weeks for an appointment time that works with their schedule.

How Do I Reach Soiton Hospital Akpajo?
Soiton Hospital Akpajo is conveniently located at River Sandfield Road Umurolu 501101 in Port Harcourt Rivers. We offer plenty of free parking spots directly outside the main entrance so you can get in and out quickly if you are running errands or just visiting from another part of town. We also are accessible via public transportation so you can take a bus or cab if necessary depending on your location.

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