Solace Hospital Agia Road Kismotpur Goalpara Assam 783121 India India

Solace Goalpara Assam

Located in Assam, India, Solace Hospital Agia Road Kismotpur Goalpara is a hospital clinic that offers medical services to the local area. If you happen to find yourself in need of medical assistance or are curious about what this clinic has to offer then read on for more information.

What Services Are Offered By This Clinic?
Solace Hospital Agia Road Kismotpur Goalpara offers a wide variety of medical services. Patients can opt for numerous treatments such as general checkups, health consultations, vaccinations, laboratory tests like blood sugar testing and ECG, as well as scans such as X-rays and ultrasounds. In addition to this, the hospital also offers post-treatment care with regular follow-up visits and phone consultation if needed.

On Which Days Is The Clinic Operational?
The hospital clinic is open 24 hours a day seven days a week which makes it one of the most accessible health care institutions around. All staff members are extensively trained and always ready to assist any patients who come through their doors at any time of day or night. This helps ensure that all patients receive the best quality health care possible without having to worry about inconvenient opening or closing times.

How To Reach Solace Hospital Agia Road Kismotpur Goalpara?
If you’re looking for directions to Solace Hospital Agia Road Kismotpur Goalpara then you’ll be glad to know it’s very easy to reach! The clinic is located on 136 Ahia Road in Kismotpur Goalpara which is just an eight minute drive away from Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport and a thirty minute drive away from Dispur Railway Station. There is adequate parking facilities available upon arrival.

Whether you’re looking for medical advice or treatment – Solace Hospital Agia Road Kismotpur Goalpara can provide high quality comprehensive healthcare service 24 hours a day seven days a week allowing all individuals access regardless of conveniency issues! With trained professionals at hand and comfortable facilities available – you can rest assured knowing your health needs will be taken care of with ease here at this local clinic!

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