Sonam Nursing Home Kanahauli Bishundat Bihar 843147 India

Sonam Nursing Bishundat

Sonam Nursing Home Kanahauli Bishundat Bihar 843147 India: All That You Need To Know

If you are looking for reliable medical services near Kanahauli Bishundat, Sonam Nursing Home should be your first choice. This hospital clinic provides a host of facilities and excellent medical attention in this region.

What Services are Offered at Sonam Nursing Home?
Whether it’s advice from highly trained healthcare specialists or emergency diagnosis and treatment, Sonam Nursing Home can provide you top-notch medical services. Its team specializes in providing general medicine, pediatrics, orthopaedics, gynecology and obstetrics as well as psychological interventions if needed.

When Is the Hospital Clinic Open?
The Hospital Clinic runs from Monday through Saturday between 9 am and 4 pm. Exceptions to these timings may be possible due to situations like childbirths but consultations must be done during the opening hours only.

Where is Sonam Nursing Home Located?

This hospital clinic is located on Village-Kanahulai Bishundat, Block-Manjhaul Mathia Post-Sadi Pur Sasaram Bihar 843147 India‎. If you need further directions you may check on Google Maps or contact them at +91 [telephone number]. The location is easily accessible by bus and taxi or private vehicles from nearby places. Their staff can also help with organizing transportation arrangements if necessary.

How Can I Reach Sonam Nursing Home?
 Sonam Nursing Home offers direct admission to their hospital once the patient is deemed stable enough to travel by a healthcare professional (in case of an emergency). But otherwise, a road ambulance facility is available at both private premises level as well as hospitals themselves to facilitate transferring patients from one place to another per request. Depending on location they have different kinds of ambulances which come with doctors and other medical staff so that immediate assistance can be provided in case of emergencies during transit. Once you reach the hospital premises there will be ample parking spaces as well as alternative transportation options nearby for any visitor who uses public transport systems like auto rickshaws or shared taxis etcetera to reach here comfortably

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