Sorbhog Chc National Highway 31 Assam 781317 India India

Sorbhog Assam Highway

Sorbhog Chc National Highway 31 – A Comprehensive Hospital Clinic in Assam

Located in the lush greenland of Sorbhog, Assam, Sorbhog Chc National Highway 31 is a modern hospital clinic that offers comprehensive medical services. Whether you’re suffering from a minor health issue or dealing with a long term illness, this experienced team of doctors and nurses can offer you quality medical attention.

What Services Does this Hospital Clinic Offer?

At Sorbhog CHC National Highway 31, a wide range of services are available to visitors and locals alike. From general checkups and vaccinations to emergency care and long-term treatments such as chemotherapy or dialysis, they provide high-quality healthcare for all types of needs. They also focus on preventive care programs designed to help patients avoid various illnesses and maintain their health in the long run.

When Is This Hospital Clinic Operational?

The hospital clinic is open from Monday through Saturday. It is closed on Sundays so that both patients and staff can have a day off for rest and recovery. Appointments can be made online or directly with the clinic itself, making it easy for anyone who needs medical assistance to get it quickly and conveniently without too much hassle.

How Can I Reach This Hospital Clinic?
It’s easy to reach Sorbhog Chc National Highway 31! All you need to do is head over towards NH31 which bisects Assam from North East India all the way down South on the map. The distance between NH31 and the clinic is just 17 miles – less than an hour’s journey by car. There are bus stops placed at regular intervals along this route making it convenient for anyone looking to take public transport as well!

This well-equipped hospital clinic provides top-notch medical services together with customer-friendly policies that ensure your satisfaction every step of the way! Where else could you find such top quality treatment coupled with such convenience? Head over today to experience for yourself all that Sorborogh Chc National highway 31 has got to offer!

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