Sri Sankardeva Netralaya Hospital Basistha Road Beltola Dispur 781022 India

Sri Sankardeva Netralaya Dispur

Par Excellence Healthcare Facilities at Sri Sankardeva Netralaya Hospital, Beltola Road

Located in Dispur, Guwahati and known for delivering top-notch medical services, Sri Sankardeva Netralaya Hospital is the undisputed leader in healthcare. Whether it’s difficult surgeries or routine check-ups that demand you to trust no other than the best, we offer riches of treatments to make sure every patient walks out with a healthy smile. From highly experienced and trained doctors on board to advanced technologies; our hospital has it all.

Know About the Services Offered by Our Hospital
At Sri Sankardeva Netralaya Hospital, we provide comprehensive medical services including obstetrics & gynecology, general medicine, endocrinology and diabetes care cardiology, plastic surgery, oncology & cancer care neurology and many other specialities. Primarily focussed on providing quality medical care to those who seek it, we take great pride in delivering result-oriented treatments with compassion and sincerity.

Our Operational Hours
The hospital is open from 6 am – 10 pm throughout the week making availability much easier for people from diverse backgrounds. Owing to its extensive opening hours on all days of the week makes us a favourable choice for diseases without any delays in treatment.

Reaching Us
To reach Sri Sankardeva Netralaya Hospital in Beltola Road All You Need To do Is Follow These Directions –
• Drive towards Basiswa Road from Gopinath Building nearby Bharalumukh police station
• Take left turn when you reach Anyapara Junction
• Drive straight for another 500 mtrs and you will find Sri Sankardeva Netralaya Hospital located right next apex bank’s branch .

We understand how important health becomes during times of distress or need relying upon excellence as much as possible . If you’re looking for comfort caring and sincere treatment delivered with utmost accuracy; our team assure seekers of highest spiritual domain of healthcare marshallingresources help mitigate melancholy of serious plight come visit us!

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