St Glorious Favour Hospital 3 Adamo Kabiawu Street Agege Location Lagos

St Glorious Favour Hospital Agege Lagos

St Glorious Favour Hospital – Making Healthcare Accessible to All

At St Glorious Favour Hospital (SGFH), we are dedicated to providing an array of high-quality medical services that make healthcare accessible to everyone. Located in the heart of Agege Lagos, Nigeria, SGFH is a modern hospital equipped with experienced professionals and state-of-the-art technology to ensure you receive the best care currently available.

What Services Does SGFH Provide?
We offer advanced medical treatments and services as well as comprehensive primary health care for all our patients. These include x-rays, lab tests, general surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics and neonatology, dermatology and urology and ophthalmology services. Additionally, if necessary we provide highly specialized treatments such as oncology chemotherapy infusion treatment under one roof.Our compassionate team also helps patients with their daily needs while they stay at the hospital during treatment or recovery period.

On What Days is SGFH Operational?
Our hospital is open every day from 9am to 5pm for both walk-ins and appointments . We provide 24/7 emergency room service backed by teams of experts who are prepared to diagnose and treat any emergency condition from broken bones to car crashes as well as minor topical infections such as cuts or burns. We also have our mobile ambulance vans full of trained personnel ready for quick response in case of emergency evacuation or transportation needs within Lagos city limits.

How Can I Reach SGFH?
If you are looking for quality healthcare then look no further. St Glorious Favour Hospital is located at 3 Adamo Kabiawu Street, Agege location Lagos Nigeria – easily accessible by bus or taxi both from within Prosperia city limits as well as other major towns across the country via good road network link roads connecting them all together seamlessly. Alternatively you can always drop us a mail via [our email address] for any queries including questions about doctor availability hours etc before making your visit!

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