Swagat Hospital And Research Centre Bongaigaon India

Swagat Hospital Bongaigaon

Swagat Hospital and Research Centre Bongaigaon, India is a healthcare facility offering people quality medical services. Whether you are seeking specialized care for a chronic illness or simply need a quick check-up, Swagat Hospital and Research Centre can cater to all your health requirements. All the services at the hospital are carried out by experienced medical experts.

At Swagat Hospital and Research Centre, patients can take advantage of a variety of medical services. These include general health check-ups, clinical lab examinations, advanced diagnostic procedures such as X-rays and mammography, inpatient treatment with specialist doctors on call round the clock, and ambulatory treatments like minor surgeries.

The hospital operates from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm local time; however, emergency treatment is available throughout the day and night. Reaching Swagat Hospital and Research Centre is easy as it lies in close proximity to Bongaigaon Railway Station. It is situated near Ramboll Street in Ward No.-1 of Bongaigaon Town in Assam state.

If you are looking for quality healthcare in an affordable manner then look no further than Swagat Hospital and Research Centre Bongaigaon, India. Highly qualified doctors along with advanced equipment will give your family a better opportunity for proper diagnosis so that you can start feeling healthy as soon as possible!

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