The Brookhaven Hospital 38 Ajanaku St Opebi Location Lagos

Brookhaven Hospital in Opebi Lagos

The Brookhaven Hospital: An Introduction

Tucked away at 38 Ajanaku Street in Opebi Location, Lagos is The Brookhaven Hospital, offering medical services with a warm and inviting atmosphere. With its highly skilled staff and modern equipment, the hospital has developed into a reliable healthcare provider for many local community members.

What Services Does The Brookhaven Hospital Offer?
The Brookhaven Hospital offers a wide range of services to its patients. From primary care appointments to specialist consults, many care requirements are readily available at this one-stop facility. Moreover, as part of its comprehensive approach to patient care, the hospital can offer mental health support and women’s health needs in addition to conventional physical health examinations.

When Is The Brookhaven Hospital Operational?
The facility’s new hours allow for evening appointments until 9 pm on weekdays. Additionally, the hospital is open on Saturdays from 8 am to 4 pm for outpatient services so that patients can receive the treatment they need regardless of their busy schedule. This setup allows greater flexibility and convenience when it comes to making medical arrangements – especially beneficial if you’re working full-time or just have too much on your plate during regular working hours. How Do You Reach The Brookhaven Hospital? Located at 38 Ajanaku St., Opebi Location in Lagos, it’s easy enough to get to The Brookhaven Hospital—even if you don’t know the city well! Taking public transport is an option since bus lines frequent the area; otherwise, taxis are always available if you prefer door-to-door service. Simply enter “The Brookhaven Hospital 38 Ajanku Street” into your device and take your pick from any nearby transportation!

In conclusion, bringing together top-notch professionals with cutting edge technology and medical treatments under one roof is what sets apart The Brookhaven Hospital from other options in town! From compassionate caregiving personnel ensuring comfort and satisfaction with high quality results – nothing else gives pain relief quite like a visit here!

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