Tino Hospital Permanently Closed Oka Benin City Edo State

Hospital in Oka Benin City

Tino Hospital: The Most Convenient Medical Solutions in Benin City

Tino Hospital is the premier medical solution for all of Edo State, located in the heart of Benin City. Offering a wide range of first-class services and guidelines to ensure quality pursuits, Tino Hospital has become a leader in bringing modern healthcare right to where you live. Our staff, experienced and dedicated to providing cutting edge medical advice and treatments are ready to help with any matters that may arise.

Our Services at Tino Hospital
From minor medical procedures to regular check-ups and pediatric care, our team offers it all. These services are just some of tasks we offer include antenatal care, family immunizations, laboratory investigations, bone marrow biopsy, ultrasound imaging and VCT counseling. To make sure that everyone can access the best healthcare possible here at Tino Hospital we also provide emergency room services meaning if everything else fails we got your back.

Operational Hours at Tino Hospital
At Tino hospital our hours are very flexible so that everyone can access our services during their time of need! We open from 8am until 8pm on Monday through Sunday except for designated holidays so you’ll never miss out on health achieving health solutions no matter when you need it!

How To Reach Us: Directions & Address
If you’d like to visit us here at Tino hospital feel free to reach us at our address; 32 Alaka Street Oka Benin City Edo State Nigeria or give us a call on 081000358667 – we’re always ready to assist with any queries or questions!”.”

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