University Hospital College Total Garden Road Agodi Ibadan Oyo State

University Hospital Ibadan

University Hospital College located in Agodi, Ibadan, Oyo State is one of the best and most comprehensive hospitals in Nigeria. Not only does it provide quality health care to patients from all parts of the country, but the hospital also offers medical services for those who have special needs such as medical treatment for cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and cardiovascular diseases.

What Services Does University Hospital College Offer?

University Hospital College offers a variety of services that meet the varying needs of its patients. In addition to providing superior medical care, the hospital also provides medical professionals with special skills such as radiology and imaging specialists, nutritionists and dieticians, physical therapists, pharmacists and specialized nurses. It also houses state-of-the-art laboratory facilities equipped with modern instruments for accurate diagnosis of illnesses. The hospital also offers an opportunity to access world renowned specialists in surgery and other areas through specialist consultations or referrals.

On Which Days is University Hospital College Operational?

The hospital operates on seven days a week throughout the year; it opens at 8:00am – 4:00pm on weekdays (Mondays – Friday) and 8:00am – 1:00pm on weekends (Saturday & Sunday). However, due to national holidays or public sundays some days might be unavailable or have reduced hours when consulting doctors are not available on duty.

How To Reach University Hospital College?

If you are looking to visit University Hospital College for medical attention or seeking answers to your health related questions you can easily locate this premier Nigerian hospital just off Total Garden Road in Agodi City Ibadan Oyo State. The hospital has good road transport connections making it easily accessible by roadways from neighbors towns like Saki, Okeho among others via Oyo Express bus & BRT services which is Alhaji Target Transport Limited as well as private taxi services from neighboring towns in Nigeria including Kaduna & Abeokuta that ply throughout Ibadan city route network linking up passengers to any destination within Nigeria from Ibadan axis passkad Transport Agency etc which ensure fast door to door delivery wherever you want to go within Ibadan & other part Of Nigeria all be using direct route linking up destination back home without stoppage apart from your pick up point where you board the vehicle .

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