Uriel I-Care Hospital, Panama Estate 6 Akpan Edet Close, Off Peter Odili Rd, Port-harc Port Location. Port Harcourt

The Uriel I-Care Hospital is a shining example of excellence in healthcare in the busy city of Port Harcourt. Uriel I-treatment Hospital was founded with the mission of providing superior medical treatment in a caring and compassionate environment. We’ll take you on a tour of Uriel I-Care Hospital, explaining all the wonderful services it provides and why you should go there instead of anywhere else for your medical needs.

 Overview of Uriel I-Care Hospital in Port Harcourt

A. Vision and Mission

Uriel I-Care Hospital’s founding objective was straightforward yet ambitious: to ensure that everyone in Port Harcourt and beyond have easy and affordable access to high-quality medical care. The health and happiness of everyone who comes to them for help is their top priority, thus they focus on patient care above all else.

B. Infrastructure and Facilities

Uriel I-Care Hospital is an ultra-modern establishment outfitted with cutting-edge medical equipment. The hospital’s contemporary design and airy decor promote a restful, therapeutic atmosphere. Each patient receives individualized attention from the hospital’s team of highly trained medical experts.

C. Commitment to Excellence

Uriel I-Care Hospital is committed to a culture of excellence in all that it does. A person is treated with kindness and consideration the moment they enter the facility. The high standards of medical care, safety, and cleanliness at the hospital are evidence of the facility’s dedication to excellence.

D. Location

Uriel I-Care Hospital is centrally placed in Port Harcourt, allowing easy access from anywhere in the city. Because of its central location, it is easy to access medical help in an emergency.

Reasons to Choose Uriel I-Care Hospital for Your Medical Care

Expert Medical Team

Uriel I-Care Hospital’s staff of highly trained doctors and nurses is a major selling point for choosing it as your primary care facility. The hospital team consists of professionals with extensive training and experience who are committed to providing excellent treatment. You may trust in the competence of the medical staff whether you need a simple checkup or a complicated operation.

Comprehensive Services

All of your healthcare requirements can be met in a single convenient location thanks to the comprehensive array of services provided by Uriel I-Care Hospital. The hospital offers a wide range of medical services, from general care to advanced diagnostics and treatment. The following paragraphs will provide you a summary of the services we provide:

Services Offered by Uriel I-Care Hospital

A. Medical Departments and Specialties

Uriel I-Care Hospital is home to many different medical divisions and focuses, allowing for individualized treatment plans for each patient. Some of the most important divisions are:

  • Internal medicine is the medical specialty concerned with the evaluation and care of adults.
  • Surgeon-performed operations covering a wide spectrum of specialties.
  • Care for pregnant women and postpartum mothers is the specialty of obstetrics and gynecology.
  • Specialist medical care for infants, children, and adolescents.
  • Cardiology refers to the study and treatment of diseases and disorders of the heart.
  • Orthopedics is the medical specialty concerned with correcting structural problems in the body’s skeletal muscles and skeleton.
  • Neurologist(s) are doctors who specialize in identifying and treating neurological conditions.
  • Urology refers to medical care for the male reproductive system and urinary tract.
  • Ophthalmology focuses on diagnosing and treating problems with the eyes.
  • Care for problems with the ear, nose, and throat by specialists.
  • Dermatology refers to the study and treatment of skin conditions.
  • Psychiatry refers to care for mental health issues including treatment and counseling.

B. Nursing Care

Nursing is a priority in Uriel I-Care Hospital. Patients may count on receiving high-quality care around the clock thanks to the hospital’s devoted nursing staff. The nursing staff plays an essential part in the recovery process, from drug administration to vital sign monitoring.

C. Radiological Examination and Diagnostic Procedures

The foundation of successful medical treatment is a precise diagnosis. The diagnostic and imaging services of Uriel I-Care Hospital are state-of-the-art. These services include X-ray, ultrasound, CT, and MRI. These advancements in technology have helped doctors improve their ability to diagnose a wide range of illnesses by providing them with clearer images and deeper insights.

D. Ambulance and Emergency Services

Every second matters in a crisis. The staff at Uriel I-Care Hospital is aware of how crucial it is to provide immediate care to patients. The hospital has a fleet of ambulances staffed by certified EMTs, so they can respond quickly to medical emergencies. Anytime there is a medical emergency, whether it be a car accident, a sudden illness, or anything else, the hospital’s ambulance services are ready to help.

E. Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

Physical therapy and rehabilitation are common necessities following medical procedures or injury. The rehabilitation services of Uriel I-Care Hospital are extensive and include physiotherapy and occupational therapy. The goal of these interventions is to assist the patient in regaining functional independence.

F. Outpatient Advocacy Services

Uriel I-Care Hospital offers outpatient advocacy services for individuals who do not need to be hospitalized but seek medical consultations. Because of this, people can see doctors, be tested, and get treatment without having to spend days at a time in the hospital. When it comes to serving the requirements of their outpatients, the hospital places a premium on speed and ease of access.

G. Pharmacy Services

When it comes to taking drugs, ease of use is of utmost importance. The Uriel I-Care Hospital has a well equipped pharmacy with a wide variety of pharmaceuticals and drugs. This makes it so that hospitalized patients don’t have to leave the facility to pick up their medication.

H. Dietary and Nutrition Advice

Health and recuperation can be greatly aided by eating right. Dietitians and nutritionists on staff at Uriel I-Care Hospital offer individualized recommendations for patients’ diets. Hospital nutritionists play an important role in patient care by creating individualized diet plans and managing food allergies and intolerances.


Uriel I-Care Hospital is a paragon of healthcare excellence in the bustling city of Port Harcourt. It has earned the trust of locals and tourists alike as a reliable healthcare provider because of its dedication to providing excellent care with a human touch.

Uriel I-Care Hospital has the staff, technology, and variety of services necessary to address the medical requirements of all members of the community. Choosing Uriel I-Care Hospital shows that you value your health and the health of your loved ones.

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