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Veterinary Hospital Goalpara Assam

Veterinary Hospital Goalpara Assam: Check Out The Best Medical Services Available

Are you looking for an excellent medical center? Well, look no further as the Veterinary Hospital Goalpara Assam has all the professional and health care services you need. This hospital is renowned for its excellent quality of care and facilities that it provides to patients. They have a team of highly trained doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare staff that ensure each and every one of their clients get the best possible care.

What Medical Services Are Offered by Veterinary Hospital Goalpara Assam?

The Veterinary Hospital offers specialized medicals services such as surgery, pediatrics, geriatrics, obstetrics/gynecology, urology, neurology, cardiology and more. Apart from this they also provide routine health-care checks like blood pressure monitoring, diabetes screening tests etc. There are also a variety of lab tests like complete blood count (CBC), urinalysis etc., to detect any abnormalities which can be treated accordingly using the latest technologies available at the hospital. Along with this there is also a 24-hour pharmacy service available where people can buy medicines prescribed by their doctors conveniently without having to visit another store or wait in queues for long hours.. In addition to this hospital also provides mental health services through counseling sessions with experienced therapists who can help them get over certain addictions or cope up with any trauma they may have gone through in life.

On Which Days Is Veterinary Hospital Goalpara Assam Operational?

The veterinary hospital operates throughout the week starting from Monday to Sunday from 9 am till 6 pm in the evening. However on Sundays it is closed due to some mandatory regulations but you could still call up for any emergency situation which requires immediate attention since all emergency services are active on that day too. In case you feel unwell during office hours or find yourself requiring an appointment after work hours then do not worry as this hospital remains open even after working hours so that everyone gets access to quality healthcare service despite whether they work during day or night shifts.

How To Reach Veterinary Hospital Goalpara Assam?

The address of Veterinary Hospital Goalspara is Rajendra Bhawan Road Subhas Point, opposite SBI Main Branch Rampara West Goalpara Town 783101 India . It is located at a distance of 4 km from the main city centre and can easily be reached via cab or auto rickshaw as public transport is quite accessible here. Moreover if you want to visit by car then there is sufficient parking space available as well. So make sure if you felt unwell anytime during your stay in goalpara do pay them a visit so as to get better treatments instantly just like how people got it since years ago at some point when hospitals didn’t exist today!

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