Alheri Hospital, Agunfoye Road, Adamo Ikorodu, Location Lagos

Located in the heart of Lagos, in the vibrant Adamo, Ikorodu area, Alheri Hospital is a beacon of healthcare excellence. This hospital has become a symbol of health and renewal in the community thanks to its dedication to providing excellent treatment. This page provides an in-depth analysis of Alheri Hospital, Agunfoye Road, Adamo Ikorodu, Location Lagos.”

Overview of Alheri Hospital

The residents of Adamo and the surrounding area have come to rely on Alheri Hospital because of its history of providing excellent medical care. As a result of its superior medical staff, cutting-edge technology, and focus on the individual patient, Alheri Hospital has become an icon of healthcare excellence in Lagos.

Location of Alheri Hospital

  • Address: MH4V+FC Ikorodu Adamo, Nigeria
  • Hours: Open 24 hours
  • Phone: +234 706 643 8810

Hospital Facilities and Services

A. Inpatient Care Facility

The cutting-edge inpatient care facility at Alheri Hospital exemplifies the hospital’s dedication to patients. Patients who need to stay in the hospital for an extended period of time may be assured that they will receive the best possible treatment thanks to the hospital’s spacious rooms, 24-hour nursing staff, and emphasis on patient comfort. The hospital’s inpatient ward is well-equipped to deal with both common and unusual medical emergencies.

B. Outpatient Care Facility

Alheri Hospital provides a convenient outpatient treatment center because it understands the significance of prompt medical intervention. Patients don’t have to stay the night in the hospital to get access to specialized consultations, diagnostic testing, and minor operations. The outpatient clinic is made to be as quick and easy to use as possible for patients, so that even the busiest people can get the medical attention they need.

C. Diagnostic Services

Alheri Hospital does not skimp on diagnostic testing because it is crucial to providing good medical care. Modern imaging equipment, laboratory tests, and specialty diagnostic procedures are only some of the hospital’s many diagnostic offerings. Faster and more precise diagnoses from these services help doctors provide more individualized care.

D. Specialty Centers and Departments

The wide variety of specialized clinics and services offered by Alheri Hospital makes it unique. The hospital has specialist units for everything from cardiology and orthopedics to pediatrics and obstetrics, all staffed by highly trained professionals. Patients can get the care they need without having to go somewhere else thanks to this multidimensional strategy that does away with the requirement for referrals.

E. Pharmacy Services

Alheri Hospital provides complete medical services, including a well stocked pharmacy. After a quick and easy consultation, patients can pick up their prescribed meds and get started on their treatment plans right away. Medication counseling is another important service provided by the hospital pharmacy, which helps patients learn more about the drugs they are taking and any risks associated with them.

F. Emergency Room/Trauma Center

Medical emergencies are a sobering reminder of how erratic life can be. The emergency room and trauma center of Alheri Hospital are well-equipped to deal with a variety of emergencies. The hospital offers quick and potentially lifesaving interventions thanks to its specialized staff of emergency medicine doctors and cutting-edge technology. The trauma center is a lifeline for those in need because of its ability to treat serious injuries and illnesses.

Qualifications of Medical Staff and Technology Used at Alheri Hospital

A. Medical Professionals on Staff

The staff at Alheri Hospital takes great satisfaction in their extensive training and expertise. The hospital employs a team of highly trained medical professionals who are committed to giving their patients the finest care possible. The medical personnel is kept abreast of contemporary practices and procedures through ongoing education and training.

B. Types of Technology Used in Treating Patients

Alheri Hospital’s approach to patient treatment is heavily reliant on state-of-the-art technology. The hospital is constantly updating its medical technology and equipment in an effort to improve the quality of both diagnosis and treatment. Alheri Hospital uses cutting-edge medical technology, from MRI and CT scanners to robotic surgical equipment, to boost patient health and speed up their recoveries. This dedication to progress guarantees cutting-edge treatment for all patients.

 Insurance Accepted at Alheri Hospital and Payment Methods Offered to Patients

A. Types of Insurance Accepted by the Hospital

Financial hardships should not be an obstacle to receiving adequate medical care. Alheri Hospital is aware of this, which is why they make every effort to accept a wide variety of insurance coverage. The hospital contracts with numerous health insurance companies, such as [List of Insurance Companies]. Patients can feel safe accessing medical care, knowing that their insurance will assist cover at least some of the costs.

B. Health Financing Options Available to Patients

This Hospital is dedicated to accommodating patients’ financial needs and hence accepts a variety of insurance types. The hospital provides a number of ways for patients to pay for medical care, such as payment plans, installment options, and assistance programs. The objective is to keep healthcare available to everyone regardless of their ability to pay.


Alheri Hospital is a shining example of excellence in a field of critical importance, medicine. It is committed to providing complete healthcare services to the community it serves, as seen by its focus on patients, cutting-edge facilities, highly trained medical professionals, innovative technology, and accommodating payment policies.

The goal of this hospital is straightforward: to provide patients with access to world-class medical treatment that improves their quality of life. With an unrelenting dedication to patient care, Alheri Hospital is prepared to confront the challenges of the future healthcare landscape. In this article, we have given information about “Alheri Hospital, Agunfoye Road, Adamo, Ikorodu, Location, Lagos.” I hope you like it.

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