Dr. Dipak Borbora Clinic Basistha Road Dispur, 781028 India

Dr. Dipak Borbora Clinic shines as a model of high-quality medical care in the heart of Basistha’s thriving community. Dr. Dipak Borbora is a well-known and highly regarded physician who has devoted his career to giving the people of Basistha and beyond the best medical care possible. in this article, we will explore about “Dr. Dipak Borbora Clinic”.

Location of the Clinic (Basistha)

  • Address: 4Q7X+562, Krishnapur, Beltola Tiniali, Guwahati, Assam 781028
  • Hours:

Friday 10 am–8 am
Saturday 10 am–8 am
Sunday Closed
Monday 10 am–8 am
Tuesday 10 am–8 am
Wednesday 10 am–8 am
Thursday 10 am–8 am

Services Offered

The Clinic of Dr. Dipak Borbora is an all-inclusive medical center that provides a wide variety of services to meet the needs of its patients. This clinic has made it their mission to provide excellent service at every level of therapy they offer.

About Dr. Dipak Borbora

A. Qualifications and Credentials

When you hear the name “Dr. Dipak Borbora,” you immediately associate it with the highest standards of professionalism and care. His credentials are impeccable, as he obtained his medical degree from a highly regarded university. He is dedicated to maintaining the greatest standards in healthcare, and his many certifications and memberships in medical groups are evidence of this.

B. Specializations

Internal medicine, cardiology, pediatrics, and other fields of medicine are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Dr. Borbora’s breadth of expertise. Patients benefit from his ability to bring together specialists from different fields.

C. Years of Experience

Dr. Borbora’s diagnostic and therapy abilities have been fine-tuned by his years of expertise. His wealth of knowledge allows him to confidently and competently tackle difficult matters.

Clinic Facilities at Dr. Dipak Borbora Clinic

A. Location and Accessibility

The clinic’s convenient position in the heart of Basistha makes it reachable by car or public transit. Patients who drive to the facility will appreciate the plenty of parking spaces.

B. Clinic Environment

The clinic has a friendly, comforting atmosphere that helps patients feel at ease throughout their visits. Healing can take place in an environment with comfortable seating, calming decor, and a spotless setting.

C. Technology and Equipment

The clinic run by Dr. Dipak Borbora features cutting-edge medical technology and diagnostic tools. This ensures prompt and precise diagnosis, which in turn leads to better treatment strategies.

Services Offered at Dr. Dipak Borbora Clinic

A. Medical Consultations

  • Exams for the Purpose of Determining One’s General Health Preventive medicine relies heavily on routine health checkups. Dr. Borbora offers in-depth wellness examinations to assess your physical condition.
  • Dr. Borbora offers professional medical consultations in a wide range of medical specialties, including cardiology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, and many more. Patients will benefit greatly from his expertise in these subspecialties.

A. Medical Consultations

  • The clinic’s in-house laboratory can do a number of different diagnostic tests with quick turnaround and reliable results.
  • Medical diagnostics made with the help of imaging technologies like X-rays and ultrasound are increasingly precise.

C. Treatment Options

  • When it comes to medication, Dr. Borbora tailors his recommendations to meet the specific requirements of each individual patient.
  • Minimally invasive surgical procedures and medical interventions are only two examples of the in-office procedures offered at this clinic.
  • Rehabilitative therapies, such as physiotherapy, can hasten recovery and improve health and well-being.

D. Preventive Healthcare

  • Vaccines are a crucial tool in the fight against disease. Patients of any age can get their vaccinations from Dr. Borbora.
  • Workshops are offered on a variety of health topics, and the clinic places a premium on educating patients so that they may make well-informed decisions regarding their care.

Patient Experience

A. Testimonials and Reviews

There is a large body of patient evaluations and testimonials praising the clinic. These testimonies attest to the excellent treatment that Dr. Borbora and his staff have consistently delivered.

B. Appointment Scheduling

Appointments at the clinic run by Dr. Dipak Borbora are quite easy to schedule. The clinic’s website and phone number allow patients to make appointments at their leisure. Appointments can usually be made for the same day in cases of emergency.

C. Waiting Area and Comfort

There is plenty of comfortable seats, reading material, and a calming atmosphere in the clinic’s waiting room. Patient wait times are kept to a minimum to guarantee rapid service.

D. Staff Courtesy and Support

The employees at the clinic have a stellar reputation for their competence and friendliness. Everyone is friendly and helpful from the moment you walk through the door.

 Insurance and Payment

A. Accepted Insurance Plans

Insurance policies from virtually every major provider are accepted at Dr. Dipak Borbora’s Clinic. Patients should check with their insurance providers before scheduling visits.

B. Payment Options

The clinic accepts a variety of payment methods in addition to insurance, including cash, credit cards, and electronic funds transfer, so that patients may easily pay their expenses.

Contact Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dr. Dipak Borbora accepting new patients?

Dr. Borbora is taking new patients at the moment. Appointments can be made over the phone or on the website.

What insurance plans are accepted at the clinic?

Various insurance policies are accepted here. If you have questions about your insurance, you can call our office.

Are walk-in appointments available?

Although we prefer that patients schedule appointments in advance, walk-ins are accepted on a space-available basis.


A. Summary of Dr. Dipak Borbora’s Clinic in Basistha

In addition to providing excellent medical care, Dr. Dipak Borbora’s Clinic in Basistha also prides itself on its humane and forward-thinking approach to patient treatment. Thanks to Dr. Borbora and his hardworking staff, this clinic has become a symbol of health and renewal in the neighborhood. It’s a one-stop shop for all your medical care needs, from preventative exams to specialist procedures.

B. Encouragement for Potential Patients to Seek Care

Visit Dr. Dipak Borbora Clinic if you’re in need of a reliable medical friend in Basistha. The clinic’s dedication to providing excellent care assures that you will receive the best treatment available for your health concerns. Make an appointment today and get healthcare that exceeds your expectations. Dr. Dipak Borbora and his staff at the Basistha Clinic care about your health and well-being.

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