Namghar Astiva Lakhimi Nagar Rani Bagan Guwahati Assam 781038 India India

Namghar Lakhimi Guwahati Assam

Namghar Astiva: The Best Hospital Clinic Serving Guwahati

Are you searching for the best hospital clinic in Guwahati? Then look no further than Namghar Astiva! This hospital clinic is equipped with the latest technology and expert professionals to provide the best-in-class services. It offers a wide range of medical services, giving its patrons access to cutting-edge treatments without leaving town. Whether you’re seeking preventive care, emergency services or specialized care, this hospital has everything you need under one roof.

What Medical Services Does Namghar Astiva Offer?
This hospital is proud to offer a comprehensive range of medical services. These range from primary and preventive treatment for all kinds of issues ranging from diabetes and hypertension to ailments like colds and flus. Expectant mothers will also be well taken care of at this facility as it includes routine ultrasound tests and obstetric procedures in its array of services. Specialized treatments like ophthalmology, cardiology, orthopedics, neurology are also available here with an experienced team of doctors available for consultation throughout the day.

On Which Days Is Namghar Astiva Operational?
Namghar Astiva operates 7 days a week ensuring any medical emergencies can be attended to even on Sundays and public holidays. Patients can come in weekday mornings from 8 am until noon or afternoons from 1 pm until evening 5 pm for checkups and consults while more complex issues are looked into on Saturday mornings when the clinic opens from 9 am till 12 pm enabling multiple patients within a short amount of time due to extended hours.

How To Reach The Namghar Astiva Clinic?
The complete address of the Namghar Astiva Clinic is Rani Bagan Guwahati Assam 781038 India. Located in the heart of town, this facility is easily accessible by road, rail or air transportations making it incredibly convenient for residents to receive quality healthcare near their homes without having to travel far away for treatment making it an extremely popular choice amongst locals who know they can trust the staff here completely!

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