Nana Aisha Memorial Hospital Unguwar Dabai Rd Kofar Lunkdi 700252 Location Kano

Nana Aisha Kofar Kano

About Nana Aisha Memorial Hospital
Nana Aisha Memorial Hospital is a top-class hospital in Kano State delivering quality medical care and services to the surrounding community. It has some of the best doctors and specialists, along with advanced equipment for diagnosis and treatment.

What Medical Services are Offered by Nana Aisha Memorial Hospital?
Nana Aisha Memorial Hospital offers specialized medical services such as dentistry, geriatrics, cardiology, gynecology, nephrology, pediatrics, surgery & trauma care. Apart from this it also offers basic healthcare services like general consultation for routine checkup and other ailments; vaccinations; laboratory tests & X-rays; health counseling; 24/7 emergency care; physiotherapy assistance; cancer detection and radiotherapy etc.

On Which Days is Nana Aisha Memorial Hospital Operational?
Nana Aisha Memorial Hospital works round the clock and remains operational throughout the year on all days of week including public holidays. It can be reached anytime for emergency consultations or treatments needed in urgency.

How to Reach Nana Aisha Memorial Hospital?
Nana Aisha Memorial Hospital is situated at Unguwar Dabai Rd 700252 Kofar Lunkdi Location Kano Kano State. It is easily accessible from major landmarks in and around the area with clear signage guiding you towards it on roads. The hospital also provides neat facilities for disabled people making it conveniently approachable for everyone who needs their help. You may contact them via their customer service line or visit their website to book an appointment beforehand if desired.

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