Nana Aisha Memorial Hospital Unguwar Dabai Rd Location Kano

Nana Aisha Hospital Kano

Nana Aisha Memorial Hospital– Clinic That Offers Quality Medical Services

Are you looking for reliable and quality medical services in Kano? You have come to the right place. Nana Aisha Memorial Hospital provides a wide range of medical care services to people in need. Our hospital clinic is open on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm. We strive to deliver satisfactory services to our customers as well as do our best to ensure better health for those living near us.

What Kind Of Medical Services Does Our Hospital Clinic Offer?
At Nana Aisha Memorial Hospital, we provide full-scope medical care, ranging from primary and preventive health care services such as vaccination and immunization, screening and assessment for illnesses, to specialized treatments or therapies used for chronic conditions like diabetes and cancer treatment. We also provide emergency medical care when needed. Our specialist doctors investigate conditions that require further examination or tests while our laboratory technicians conduct scientific tests at a fully equipped laboratory. All this helps us accurately diagnose the condition each individual patient is suffering from so that suitable treatments are recommended by the specialized doctors at the hospital clinic.

On Which Days Is Our Kano Hospital Clinic Operational?
Our hospital clinic in Kano operates on weekdays only from 8 am -5 pm due to limited availability of healthcare personnel . On weekdays, our experience team of healthcare professionals works round the clock providing efficient diagnosis and management of illnesses under one roof with up-to-date equipments . Furthermore , we offer special postnatal health check-ups for new mothers for free . During holidays , consultations can be easily booked on appointment scheduling systems .

How To Reach Nana Aisha Memorial Hospital ?
Nana Aisha Memorial Hospital is located at Unguwar Dabai Road in Kano city centre . It is just a few minutes away from your home ! To reach us , you can either drive yourself or board a bus servicing towards Unguwar Dabai Road at any various halt points in Kano . Parking spaces are provided for visitors who choose to drive themselves here while clinics are conveniently served by public transport system due its prime location . If you prefer taking yourself here using an online map such as Google Map or Waze, please input “Nana Aisha Memorial Hospital ” into your search box .

The team at Nana Aisha Memorial Hospital strives hard day by day to improve the standards of healthcare services that they cater their patients with professional expertise that is backed with state-of-the-art facilities in a secure environment. Our mission statement is ‘Provide every patient with competent personalised care’ which we proudly uphold every single day! So if you’re ever seeking quality medical assistance don’t hesitate; come visit us right away!

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