Nu Vision Eye Clinic Suite A02 A10 Beside Fidelity Bank Area 11 Shopping Mall Efab Mall Location Abuja

Nu Vision Eye Clinic Abuja

Nu Vision Eye Clinic: Your Complete Healthcare Solution
Nu Vision Eye Clinic is a dedicated multi-specialty hospital in Abuja that provides comprehensive, holistic medical services for all your healthcare needs. From general checkups to specialized treatments for vision and eye care, our highly experienced professionals provide the best quality service and patient care.

What Medical Services Does Nu Vision Eye Clinic Offer?
At Nu Vision Eye Clinic, we believe in personalizing healthcare solutions for each of our patients. Whether you need a quick checkup or require long-term medical attention, our expansive range of services offers something to suit every circumstance. Our hospital consists of numerous departments that specialise in various areas, such as human nutrition science, optometry, ENT and ophthalmology. We also offer preventive healthcare options to reduce the risk of disease and enhance overall health.

On Which Days Is Nu Vision Eye Clinic Operational?
At our Abuja facility, we are open from Monday – Friday everyday between 9am – 4pm for both outpatient consultations and surgical procedures. On public holidays, however, we are closed; we suggest calling us prior to any visits made during such days.

How To Reach Nu Vision Eye Clinic?
The physical address of our Nu Vision Eye clinic is A02 Area 11 Shopping Mall Efab Mall Location Abuja . You can reach us by master transit or taxi if travelling within Abuja; alternatively you may choose to drive up via Ilorin/Lokoja expressway or enter through Wuse 2/Area 11 entrance depending on your location in the city.

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