Nuga Best Physiotherapy Beside K City Plaza Wuse 2 904101 Abuja Nigeria Location Abuja

Nuga Best Physiotherapy Abuja

Nuga Best Physiotherapy: Your Go-To Hospital Clinic in Abuja

Are you looking for a quality hospital clinic in Abuja? Then, look no further than Nuga Best Physiotherapy. Located beside K City Plaza Wuse 2 904101 Abuja Nigeria, this popular healthcare spot offers world-class medical services to all those who need it.

What Services Does Nuga Best Physiotherapy Provide?

Nuga Best Physiotherapy offers outstanding medical care and treatments to locals and visitors alike. From basic consults to more comprehensive therapies, this hospital clinic is well-equipped to address the needs of its patients. At Nuga Best Physiotherapy you can find reliable general practitioners (GPs), experienced counsellors, reputable pediatricians and certified specialists in physical therapy, naturopathy, acupuncture and other forms of alternative medicine.

When Is Nuga Best Physiotherapy Operational?

Nuga Best Physiotherapy’s doors are open from Monday through Saturday from 8am to 6pm local time. The hospital’s receptionists are particularly helpful during workdays, so do not hesitate to ask whatever questions you may have before you set an appointment with any of their personnel. Patients can also call ahead or use the center’s website if they prefer an online booking through a user-friendly platform.

How Do I Reach Nuga Best Physiotherapy?

The route most often taken by visitors is by traveling via public transport or taxi; although if necessary one could easily take a private car too! When driving there yourself remember that the hospital clinic’s exact coordinates are latitude 8°32’06”N and longitude 7°28’02”E while heading toward its exact address which is beside K City Plaza Wuse 2 904101 Abuja Nigeria, very close to the popular Odua Plaza shopping mall! All of this information should be easily accessible for most GPS systems out there (especially Google Maps).

No matter if you’re ill or just wish to ensure that your health remains perfect: visit Nuga Best Physiotherapy today for world-class medical services in either an outpatient or homebound setting! Don’t wait another second – get help right away!

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