Oakfield Specialist Cardiology Sango Rd 240102 Location Ilorin

Oakfield Cardiology Ilorin

Oakfield Specialist Cardiology is a top-rated hospital clinic that offers quality medical care to the community of Ilorin. This hospital clinic has been providing services since 2009 and continues to be one of the most highly regarded healthcare facilities in the region.

The medical services provided by Oakfield Specialist Cardiology are comprehensive and include cardiothoracic surgeries, catheterisations, pacemakers, orthopedics, trauma management, neonatal care, obstetrics and vascular procedures. Each one of these services is operated by veteran medical professionals who take great pride in delivering high-quality treatment to their patients.

Oakfield Specialist Cardiology is open every day from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM(including weekends). With such excellent opening hours, even after work or on weekends you can always visit for your checkup if needed. In addition to this you could also book appointments with the specialist doctor over the phone (07789 000001) as per your convenience and time availability.

Reaching Oakfield Specialist Cardiology is easy as it is located at Sango Rd 240102 Location Ilorin which can be reached by private car or public transportations like buses or trains. In case you need more specific directions of route map assistance then do not hesitate to call us on our hotline number 077890000012 for further information and help.

At Oakfield Specialist Cardioogy patients are relaxed knowing they have access to quality healthcare delivered through modern technology combined with human warmth and concern from experienced specialists who are passionate about helping people improve their quality of life . We invite you to come receive the best of health care here at Oakfield Specialist Hospital Clinic!

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