Obio Cottage Hospital Transamadi Industrial Layout Rd Rumuobiakani Location Port Harcourt

Obio Cottage Hospital Port Harcourt

Obio Cottage Hospital Transamadi Industrial Layout Rd Rumuobiakani Location Port Harcourt is a small hospital located in the heart of Port Harcourt. The hospital offers quality medical care, making it ideal for those seeking health care services in the area. Obio Cottage Hospital provides primary and sometimes secondary level medical care mainly from Licensed Doctors, Nurses and Health Care Attendants. This small facility also has 4 Inpatient beds, enabling it to provide quality treatment for short term health conditions.

What Medical Services Does Obio Cottage Hospital Offer?

At Obio Cottage Hospital, you can expect to receive professional care with attention to detail across various medical departments including Outpatient Services, Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Paediatrics Services, Infectious Disease Control Care Plans among others. Patients also have access to Lab Investigation services which involve carrying out routine lab tests such as Blood Tests and Urine Analysis which are beneficial in diagnosing patient’s conditions fast and accurately.

When Is Obio Cottage Hospital Operational?

At Obio Cottage Hospital we understand how important it is for patients to get the right kind of medical attention quickly when they need it most. This is why our hospital strives to remain open all days of the week so that patients can seek advice from our knowledgeable team day or night. On weekdays we are operational from 09:00 Am till 04:30 PM while on Saturdays and Sundays we adhere to a slightly different schedule running from 08:00 Am till 03:00 PM

How Do Patients Reach Obio Cottage Hospital?

Patients who wish to visit Obio Cottage Hospital for either diagnosis or treatment can reach us using both public transport or private vehicles . We are located on Transamadi Industrial Layout Rd Rumuobiakani very close to Rumuepirikom roundabout in Port Harcourt about 5 minutes’ drive away from Garden City Shopping Mall. Our helpful staff would be more than happy to assist visitors if ever they have any difficulty finding us during their visits here.

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