Olu Adebo Hospital 48 Yomi Oyenuga St Agege Location Lagos

Olu Adebo Hospital Agege Lagos

Olu Adebo hospital is a leading one-stop medical centre providing quality primary healthcare services in Agege, Lagos. It has been providing unparalleled and dependable healthcare service to the community for over 30 years. The hospital has a great team of highly experienced general practitioners and specialist doctors. Their facilities are kept up to date and they have cutting edge medical equipment on site.

At Olu Adebo Hospital Clinic, we believe in providing holistic care beyond just medical treatment. Our medical services include diagnosis, prevention, management, rehabilitation and palliation of physical illnesses as well as mental disorders. Furthermore, patients can access our therapeutic services like nursing care and home care services from qualified personnel according to their individual needs. Moreover, Olu Adebo Hospital also offers a comprehensive list of preventative health screening tests that can help detect any health problem at an early stage enabling preventive steps to be taken before it affects you badly.

The hospital clinic is operational seven days a week with extended hours on certain days for your convenience – Saturday 2pm-7pm; Sunday 9am-4pm; Monday – Friday 8am-9pm . We understand that time is of great importance when accessing urgent care in critical moments which is why we provide round the clock emergency care with well trained staff who are willing to put all efforts forward to gold you through any eventful situation.

To ensure easy access convenient transport facilities are provided and arrangements can be done if needed via special request for safe travelling arrangements from home or work place comfortable environment to the premises of hospital clinic allowing prompt treatment without delay.

Reaching us is quite simple! Located at 48 Yomi Oyenuga St Agege Location Lagos, Olu Adebo Hospital Clinic is very easy to locate! Please feel free to call us anytime if you need more information regarding directions or other necessary information – +234 (0)810 776 9287/ +234(0)808 310 xxxx

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