Olugbon Medical Center Igbo Ora Oyo State

Olugbon Medical Center Oyo State

Olugbon Medical Center is a full-service hospital located in Igbo-Ora, Oyo State. This clinic offers complete medical treatment and prevention services for adults and children. All primary care, chronic disease management, preventive health exams, pediatric services and mental health treatments are covered. The center focuses on delivering excellence in patient care coupled with quality service from specialists physicians.

At Olugbon Medical Center, patients can receive both outpatient and inpatient care, depending on their individual needs and preferences. They offer specialized areas of focus such as wound healing and biofeedback therapy too. Diagnostic services include ultrasound, x-ray imaging, EKG analysis and other laboratory tests to correctly diagnose any issue or medical condition before proceeding with treatment options.

The Olugbon Medical Center is open every day from 8AM till 6PM for Walk-in appointments or scheduled visits depending on the availability of physicians at the time you choose to visit. Appointments can also be made online through the website for more convenience.

Since medical emergencies don’t come with an appointment notice, the hospital has emergency departments with fully qualified staff available 24 hours a day to ensure individuals get faster access to necessary medical diagnosis and treatment. They have ambulance facilities that quickly respond within minutes of receiving a call from anyone requiring quick transportation to the hospital during urgent medical situations.

Olugbon Medical Center is easily reachable from many routes near Ibadan city by taking either a bike taxi or public bus ride that comes within Igbo Ora town government area complex where the hospital is situated. Alternatively they provide free parking spaces around the center for those who wish to drive their own cars there for appointments or emergency cases.. Furthermore , they are very active on Social media platforms likeFacebook , Instagram , Twitter etc . so anyone seeking assistance can simply direct message them via platforms mentioned above .

So whether your needs are preventative care or comprehensive treatments plan for long term conditions – rest assured that Olugbon Medical Centre will assist you through your health issues and provide solutions you need at all times !

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