Olutayo Hospital Ghcv32C 240102 Location Ilorin

Olutayo Hospital Ilorin

Olutayo Hospital Ghcv32C 240102 is located in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. It provides comprehensive primary healthcare services which often go beyond the minimal essential healthcare. The hospital specializes in providing an array of diverse medical treatments such as diagnosis and management of general disease, dental care, dermatology care, infectious diseases, paediatrics and maternal health services.

Medical Services Offered By Olutayo Hospital Ghcv32C 240102
At Olutayo Hospital Ghcv32C 240102 you can avail the following medical treatments:
• General disease diagnosis and management
• Dental care services
• Dermatology care
• Infectious diseases prevention and treatment
• Paediatric health services (including pediatric check-ups)
• Maternal health including pre-natal and post-natal care.
On Which Days Is Olutayo Hospital Ghcv32C 240102 Operational?
Olutayo Hospital Ghcv32C 240102 is open from Monday through Saturday; from 8 AM to 5 PM. Teen clinics are available Mondays to Fridays between 3 PM to 5 PM for adolescents aged 13 years and up. The clinic is closed on Sundays and all public holidays.
How To Reach Olutayo Hospital Ghcv32C 240102?
If you wish to visit or consult a doctor at Olutayo Hospital Ghcv32C 240102, the complete address of where it is located is: Olutayo Medical Centre 10 pm Road Gaa Akanbi Ilorin Kwara State Nigeria You can easily find directions online by searching for ‘olu taya hospital g h c v nroti24’ or you can call (+234 90813900355 )for more information about how to reach the clinic by car or public transport (taxis are available at nearby stand).

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