Pal Hospital Location Zaria Kaduna

Pal Hospital Zaria Kaduna

Pal Hospital – Delivering Quality Medical Care in Zaria, Kaduna

If you’re looking for quality medical care in Zaria, Kaduna, then Pal Hospital is the perfect place to turn. From its top-notch doctors and staff to its state-of-the-art facilities and modern amenities, this hospital has everything you need. In this article, we’ll take a look at what services are offered at Pal Hospital and how to get there.

What Services Does Pal Hospital Offer?
At Pal Hospital, patients can expect a wide range of services from its highly trained doctors and staff. The hospital offers routine medical checkups, preventive care, diagnosis, treatment of conditions such as hypertension and diabetes, imaging services (like MRI scans and X-rays), ultrasound procedures, cardiology services (including coronary angiography, echocardiography), and more. The hospital also offers pediatric care as well as maternity services that include labor induction and childbirth education courses.

On What Days Is Pal Hospital Operational?
Pal Hospital is open 24/7 for emergencies but regular visits are available on weekdays from 8am to 4pm. On Saturday mornings between 9am to 12 noon it’s also possible to schedule appointments in advance for primary health care needs such as family medicine or case management visits.

How Can You Reach Pal Hospital?
Pal Hospital is conveniently located on Tarauni Road in the Sabon Gari area of Zaria district in Kaduna State. It’s accessible by bus or taxi from the main city center or from other parts of the region via major highways/roads ascross North Central Nigeria such as Kano–Kaduna Expressway etc., providing an easy trip that takes just 45 minutes. For those travelling by car or motorcycle there is a large parking lot within the grounds of the hospital where visitors can park their vehicles safely with no charge while they attend their appointment or visit a loved one who may be receiving treatment here at Pal Hospital.

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