Palmars Hospital Limited Agip Rd Rumueme Location Port Harcourt

Palmars Hospital Port Harcourt

Palmars Hospital Limited is an excellent hospital clinic located in Agip Road Rumueme in Port Harcourt. The hospital offers outstanding medical services and advanced technology to its patients for their health and wellbeing.

As a full-service hospital clinic, Palmars Hospital Limited provides extensive medical care, ranging from primary care treatments to complex specialty treatments. From laboratory tests to diagnostic imaging, one can be sure of a hassle-free experience when visiting this top-of-the-line hospital.

This world-class hospital clinic is operational on all seven days of the week: from 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday, and 9am – 2pm on Saturdays. Patients may also take advantage of the 24-hour emergency services available at Palmars Hospital Limited for urgent conditions such as fractures, heart attack, stroke etc.

Reaching Palmars Hospital Limited is extremely easy – it’s located just a few minutes away from Rumueme market and about 10 minutes drive from the Port Harcourt International Airport upon exiting Murtala Muhammad Highway at the access road leading into 508B Estate Phase 1 Rumueme in Port Harcourt Rivers State Nigeria.

Due to its extraordinarily skilled medical staff, advanced technology facilities and convenient location; Palmars Hospital is quickly emerging as the go-to place for all healthcare needs for people living in Port Harcourt and its vicinity locales.

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