Poplar Hospital Orthopaedic 18 7Up Rd Oluyole Location Ibadan

Poplar Orthopaedic Hospital Ibadan

Poplar Hospital Orthopaedic is an esteemed hospital clinic located in Oluyole, Ibadan, Nigeria and offering world-class physical and medical care to the local community. The hospital boasts a wide range of services, from diagnosis & treatment for common ailments to orthopaedics surgeries.

At Poplar Hospital Orthopaedic, employees strive to provide quality healthcare services and ensure that patients feel looked after and comfortable throughout their stay with us. We understand that a primary concern for most patients is affordability, which is why our services are both affordable and accessible – we offer free consultations so that you can make an informed decision about any treatment necessary.

What Medical Services Are Offered By Poplar Hospital Orthopaedic?

At Poplar Hospital Orthopaedic, our experienced doctors are available to diagnose and treat several medical conditions. From minor medical complaints like headaches, colds and flu to more complex conditions related to the musculoskeletal system such as joint pain or chronic backache – our specialists have years of experience successfully diagnosing and treating these issues. We specialize in conducting orthopedic surgeries depending on your individual needs such as arthroscopic shoulder surgery or osteotomy procedures. All procedures are performed using state-of-the-art equipment so you can be assured that you’ll receive the best care possible. In addition to orthopedic surgery, our facility provides comprehensive outpatient physical therapy services so you can work towards restoring normal function quickly without undergoing a surgical procedure. Furthermore, we also offer wellness packages such as nutrition counseling, weight management solutions and lifestyle education – perfect for individuals who want to make sure they stay healthy in the long term!

On Which Days Is Poplar Hospital Orthopaedic Operational?
Our hospital clinic operates 7 days a week (Monday through Sunday) between 8am – 5pm for general consultation where walk-in appointments are accepted at various times throughout the day depending on availability (no prior appointment necessary). For more equivocal medical conditions requiring further investigation or complex orthopedic treatments such as knee replacements or lumbar spine fusion surgery – appointments need to be made in accordance with our established scheduling system. To find out more information about your medical condition or even if you just want some advice regarding diet & nutrition– give us a call today!

How Do I Reach Poplar Hospital Orthopaedic?
Popular Hospital Orthopaedic is easily accessible by car and public transport both from within Ibadan city center & outside metro areas surrounding it – we are located at 18 7Up Rd Oluyole region opposite Lekki Mall Co-operative society just off Ewu road junction in Olaleye Bus Stop area (halfway between Olugbode Cinema Rd & Ewu Ale Transformer Bus Station). Additionally, there’s ample parking throughout business hours with dedicated spaces reserved at all times for both cars & motorcycles adjacent to the main entrance lobby area before 8pm everyday!

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