Popular Ultrasound Hospital Road Birpur Birpur Bihar 854340 India

Popular Ultrasound Birpur

Popular Ultrasound Hospital: Wholesome Healthcare at Your Service

Are you looking for comprehensive healthcare solutions? Popular Ultrasound Hospital is the answer. Located in the heart of Birpur, Bihar, this advanced clinic has been providing affordable medical services to patients for over 5 years now. The hospital offers specialized services from well-experienced doctors and premium facilities that cater to all your healthcare needs.

What Medical Services Are Offered By Popular Ultrasound Hospital?
Popular Ultrasound Hospital provides a wide array of medical resources and treatments such as ultrasounds, diagnostic scans, x-rays, CT scans, mammograms, general care procedures, lab testing services as well as an inpatient department that treats acute illnesses. Other than medical services, it also has trained staff on board to help the patients through rehab and behavioral modification programs.

On Which Days Is Popular Ultrasound Hospital Operational?
Popular Ultrasound Hospitals remains open from Monday to Saturday between 8AM and 8PM (IST). Patients are encouraged to book a prior appointment online or through calling the hospital premises before visiting for any tests or treatments as specified by availability and doctor’s schedule.

How To Reach Popular Ulstrasound Hospital?
The hospital is located at Popular ultrasound hospital Road Birpur Birpur Bihar 854340 India and is easily accessible through public transport or private vehicles. For more information about routes and directions, one can contact the front desk personnel who are available round the clock for assistance regarding any queries related to accessing the hospital vicinity.

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