Prathmik Upchar Kendra Harachha Bihar 847101 India

Prathmik Upchar Kendra Harachha

Prathmik Upchar Kendra Harachha Bihar 847101 is a veritable hive of medical services and treatments. From general medicine to more specialized treatments, the Hospital Clinic has something for everyone. Its professional team offers personalised care and treatment for its patients.

On which days is Prathmik Upchar Kendra Harachha Bihar 847101 operational?

The Hospital Clinic is open seven days a week from 9 am–12 pm and 4 pm–7 pm, Monday through Saturday, and 2 pm-6 pm on Sundays. Patients can book appointments in advance or walk in to get immediate medical help during these times.

What medical services are offered by Prathmik Upchar Kendra Harachha Bihar 847101?
General checkups, vaccinations, suture kits and other minor treatments are available here. The clinic also offers more targeted treatments such as fertility diagnostics and health management programs for hypertension/diabetes patients. Additionally, the hospital clinic has a dedicated department for Ayurvedic therapies where you can find specialized practitioners who provide diagnosis based on panchakarma therapies such as Vamanam, Virechanam etc…. All these therapies work together to bring balance into your body thereby maintaining healthy lifestyle habits.

How to reach Prathmik Upchar Kendra Harachha Bihar 847101?
The hospital clinic is located conveniently at Ganga Puram Road in village Harachhaji, just 6 km away from Jainagar Town Centre (local transport available). You can easily reach via public transportation or private vehicles (car/bike). Alternatively if you are coming from outside the city then you can take direct buses or trains till Jainagar Town Centre Station. For those who are travelling via airways then Patna Airport lies only 130 km away from the clinic location, one can hire a cab which will take approximately two and half hours journey time between Patna-Harachhaji.

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