Prayas Hospital Sanjay Gandhi Nagar Road Patna India 800026

Prayas Hospital

Prayas Hospital- Pioneering Health Care and Services!

At the heart of every city, there stands a hospital that is renowned for its quality healthcare. In Patna, India as well, Prayas Hospital stands as one of the most reputed health care facilities. The management at this hospital provides personalized attention to every patient they meet; their top-class medical services are second to none.

What makes Prayas Hospital Unique?

Prayas Hospital offers the best medical care available in the region. It is not only cost effective but also keeps up with global standards in diagnostics and treatments. It has a 24/7 emergency service which is highly reliable and it’s fully equipped for any sort of medical requirement that may arise suddenly due to an onset illness or injury. The hospital also encourages special emphasis on preventive care too.

When is Prayas Hospital Operational?
Prayas Hospital operates for 24 hours daily, 7 days a week throughout the year except public holidays and periodic maintenance breaks. Their comprehensive health care programs keep running without any interruptions throughout this duration of time.

How do I Reach Prayas Hospital?
The complete address of Prayas Hospital is Sanjay Gandhi Nagar Road Patna India 800026. All modes of transportation can be easily accessed from here which makes it very convenient to find your way to the hospital by car, bus or train. Moreover taxi services are available as well should you require any further assistance while travelling to the hospital premises.


In conclusion, it’s evident that at Prayas Hospital you will receive nothing short than world class healthcare facilities taking into consideration your comfort level and economic constraints so that you can get back home healthy without worrying about anything else! So if you live in Patna or around it then consider visiting this reputed hospital for all your medical needs!

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