Primary Health Centre Abakpa 40 42 Abakpa Nike Rd Abakpa Location Enugu

Primary Health Centre Abakpa

Primary Health Centre Abakpa 40 42 Abakpa Nike Rd, Abakpa Location Enugu: About The Hospital Clinic
Welcome to Primary Health Centre Abakpa- the one-stop location for your medical needs! Our clinic is a full service facility, offering an array of treatments from routine checkups to more acute services. We also provide health education information and resources within our community. When you come through our doors you will always find a friendly face helping you receive the care you need.

Medical Services Offered by Our Hospital Clinic
Our hospital offers a complete range of services which include but are not limited to geriatric care, prenatal care, pediatrics care, family planning services, general medicine and surgery. We also house an extensive laboratory and have medical professionals trained in specialty areas such as orthopedics and neurology. Furthermore we can provide mental health care services such as counseling and psychotherapy in case of any issues related to the same.

Which Days is Primary Health Centre Abakpa Operational?
At our clinic we are open on weekdays from 9 am till 6 pm with Saturday openings from 9 am till 12 pm for emergency cases only. You can book appointments during these hours through our online portal or over phone before coming over for your appointment at the clinic. Appointments are available on Sundays too but only after prior notice given with phone calls in order to ensure availability of doctors and nurses during that time slot is met sufficiently both beforehand as well as during visit at the clinic itself.

How to Reach Primary Health Centre Abakpa?
Located at 40 42 Abakpa Nike Road in Abakpa Location Enugu, our primary health centre is conveniently located within walking distance from public transport options such as bus terminals or taxi stands. Upon exiting vehicle visitors will find large signage boards with directions leading up to the hospital along its front premises so it would be fairly easy for anyone looking for this facility to reach us without any difficulty.

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