Purnea Baccha Haspatal Sudama Complex Bihar Takies Road Line Bazar Purnea Bihar 854301 India

Purnea Baccha Haspatal

The Purnea Baccha Haspatal Sudama Complex: A Comprehensive Healthcare Solution

Have you been searching for a hospital clinic that offers comprehensive medical care in the Bihar area? Look no further than Purnea Baccha Haspatal Sudama Complex, located on Takies Road Line Bazar in Purnea. This hospital clinic is one of the premier medical centers in the greater region and provides a multitude of healthcare solutions. From emergency services to physician examinations, this healthcare facility has all your needs covered.

What Services Are Offered By Purnea Baccha Haspatal Sudama Complex?

At Purnea Baccha Haspatal Sudama Complex, no matter what health issue you may have, there is a solution. Inside the hospital are experienced physicians specializing in many different areas. Patients can visit the clinic and receive medical advice or attend scheduled appointments to discuss their condition further with specialists. Other popular services offered by this hospital include lab tests, x-rays, ultrasound examinations and even physical therapy sessions. With cutting-edge technology available at this location, citizens of Bihar have access to quality medical care close to home.

When Is Purnea Baccha Haspatal Sudama Complex Open?

Patients thrilled to have found a premier medical facility nearby are often curious as to when they can visit the campus. Luckily for them, Purnea Baccha Haspatal Sudama Complex is open 24 hours per day and seven days per week! This ensures that anyone needing immediate attention will be able to receive it regardless of time or day. Furthermore, patients who need routine checkups can easily arrive during regular business hours without conflicting with other obligations they may have planned during regular business hours. No matter the case may be, individuals looking for medical assistance can rest easy knowing that help will always be available at this hospital clinic facility!

How Can I Reach The Hospital Clinic Facility?
Individuals looking for guidance on how to reach Purnea Baccha Haspatal Sudama Complex need not worry – it is simple and fast! To find the location from any point within India, simply use GPS coordinates 25°22’10″N 87°20’12″E or type in the address:Bihar Takies Road Line Bazar ,Purnea 854301 India directly into your mobile device or computer’s internet browser window. Once dissatisfied patients arrive at their desired location they add will appreciate having easy access to quality treatments and compassionate service -all under one roof!

With its long list of innovative treatments and convenient operating times, Purnea Baccha Haspatal Sudama Complex is an excellent choice when seeking medical assistance due its outstanding patient centered care experience awaits visitors who choose this hospital clinic whenever they require professional care close to home!

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