Pushpanjali Hospital 90Feet Road Transport Nagar Kankarbagh Bhagwat Milan Mandir Patna India 800020

Pushpanjali Hospital

Pushpanjali Hospital, Located at 90Feet Road Transport Nagar in Kankarbagh, Bhagwat Milan Mandir in Patna, India is a multi-specialty hospital offering high quality health care services at an affordable cost. It is committed to delivering excellent quality health care and making it accessible to all.

At Pushpanjali Hospital you can get complete medical treatment for a wide range of diseases and problems. The hospital boasts of advanced technology, highly skilled medical professionals and world class facilities which ensure the best possible outcome for patients. Apart from traditional treatment methods they also employ alternative remedies like yoga, pranayama and meditation as part of their therapy regimen.

Pushpanjali Hospital offers round the clock medical facility on 24*7 basis with trained medical specialists in various specialties ready to provide prompt emergency or any other medical aid whenever needed. They are also equipped with advanced laboratory facilities and diagnostic tools that help in timely diagnosis and better patient management.

Pushpanjali Hospital caters to the entire spectrum of medical treatments including both outpatient services (OPD) and inpatient services (IPD). You can avail the benefits of a customized healthcare experience tailored to your individual needs. Plus, you can easily access the hospital’s online portal – where you can book appointments and make inquiries regarding services like billing & payments, lab reporting, immunization schedule etc., all from the comfort of your home!

So don’t wait anymore – if you want the best possible medical care with superior standards of service come visit Pushpanjali Hospital anytime between 8am-8 pm every day for convenient yet effective healthcare services!

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