Ram Ratan Hospital Near Rampur Rd Bazar Samiti Bahadurpur Patna Bihar 800006 India

Ram Ratan Hospital Patna Bihar

Ram Ratan Hospital is a leading healthcare facility located in the heart of Patna, Bihar. Founded by Dr Ram Ratan in 1978, the hospital has been providing quality medical care and services for over 40 years. A wide range of treatments and services are offered at the hospital, from surgery to long-term care and rehabilitation. The hospital is also equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment & technology as well as modern amenities.

Medical Services Offered At Ram Rataan Hospital-

Ram Ratan Hospital offers an extensive range of medical services that cater to both inpatients and outpatients alike. These include primary care such as general practice; geriatrics; internal medicine; oncology; obstetrics and gynecology; psychiatry; cardiology; orthopedics & sports medicine as well as extensive diagnostic imaging/laboratory testing services. The hospital also offers many specialized procedures like biopsies, laparoscopic surgery, laser therapy, endoscopy, lithotripsy (stone removal) microsurgery and plastic surgery.

Moreover, the hospital has a team of highly experienced doctors who excel at various disciplines so that you can find all your healthcare needs met under one roof here.

Days Of Operation At Ram Ratan Hospital-
Ram Rataan Hospital operates round the week from Monday to Sunday during 8am to 8pm in both Outpatient Department (OPD) and the Inpatient Department (IPD). Furthermore, it also provides 24 hours emergency services that enable you receive prompt treatment for urgent health concerns emerging out of sudden medical emergencies.

How To Reach Ram Ratan Hospitals?
Ram Ratan Hospitals is easily accessible via public transport from nearby rampur road bazar samiti bus stop or ashok raje path metro station which lies within 2 Kms radius from its exact location at Bahadurpur patna -800006

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