Ramadan Kareem Hospital Hayin No 53 Pole Wire Hayin Dan Mano Location Kaduna

Ramadan Kareem Hospital Kaduna

Ramadan Kareem Hospital (RKH) is a clinic that provides medical services to the community of Hayin No 53 Pole Wire. It offers healthcare services such as diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. The hospital also has an electronic medical record system to ensure patient safety and accuracy of tests results. Employees at RKH are highly qualified and experienced in providing specialized care for patients.

The hospital is operational from Monday through Saturday, with extended hours on Fridays, and closed on Sundays. The staff strives to provide convenient service for all patients by providing same-day appointments when possible.

RKH is conveniently located at Hayin No 53 Pole Wire Hayin Dan Mano Location Kaduna. It is easy to access via public transportation or private car, as parking lots are available nearby. .

This clinic provides comprehensive health solutions which includes primary and specialty care services for adults, children, infants and newborns. For those with more serious medical conditions, they offer advanced treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, minimally invasive surgeries and laboratory procedures too.

Their doctors prioritize preventive healthcare by educating patients about healthy lifestyle options such as proper nutrition and regular exercise in order to keep them healthy in the long run. Additionally, the hospital also provides educational classes that offer guidelines about simple lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking or drinking alcohol excessively.

At RKH we understand the importance of secure patient information so we use encrypting methods that protect your medical history while preventing unauthorized access or disclosure of personal data. With us you will also find friendly customer service representatives who will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services!

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