Reddington Hospital John 39 Issac Ikeja Gra Location Lagos

Reddington Hospital Ikeja Lagos

Reddington Hospital John 39 Issac Ikeja Gra is a top Lagos hospital offering comprehensive medical services to its patients. On top of providing medical treatment, the hospital also provides a host of other services making it stand out amongst its peers.

From medical check-ups and consultations to specialist treatments for illnesses and other health conditions, Reddington Hospital John has got it all covered. The experienced and friendly staff at this esteemed hospital are more than capable of diagnosing any issue and providing effective solutions easily and quickly.

Reddington Hospital John is operational in the weekdays from 8am – 6pm except for Thursdays when the operations begin only after 12 noon as well as Saturdays when it remains closed for business. On Sundays, however, there are special physicians on call who cater to emergencies between 9am – 1pm.

To reach Reddington Hospital John ‘Issac Ikeja Gra’, one needs to head towards 39 Issac Ikeja Gra Way in Akoka off Unilag road or alternatively take bus no.5 from Ojuelegba bus stop in Yaba that heads to Akoka directly opposite Idia College.[ 1] Upon reaching the destination, the hospital can be spotted from far down the street due to its prominent branding.

At Reddington Hospital John, patient safety is treated with utmost importance as cleanliness is enabled through monthly sanitation procedures carried out under supervision by highly experienced experts. This ensures that impeccable service is offered with utmost emphasis given on hygiene so that people have an excellent experience and get cured properly after being under observation at this unparalleled ‘hospital clinic’.

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