Restoration Hospital Maternity Al 1 Wushishi Road By Lagos Street Location Kaduna

Restoration Hospital Kaduna

Restoration Hospital Maternity: A Brief Introduction

Our hospital – Restoration Hospital Maternity – is located on Al 1 Wushishi Road, by the Lagos Street location in Kaduna Nigeria. It is an important healthcare facility for pregnant women and families in Kaduna. We offer a range of medical services ranging from prenatal care to childbirth, along with a variety of other medical treatments.

What Medical Services Are Offered By Restoration Hospital Maternity?

At our hospital, we provide specialty services in maternity care alongside several preventative treatments including regular check-ups, ultrasounds and care during migraine treatment and postpartum depression. Moreover, we are equipped to handle any sort of delivery or emergency situation that may arise for mothers either prior to childbirth or afterward. We also specialize in genetic testing for birth defects and diseases as well as caring for fertility issues. Additionally, we also have other preventive treatments ranging from general immunizations like the flu shot to counseling through assessments for behavioral and emotional health issues.

On Which Days Is Our Hospital Clinic Operational?
We at Restoration Hospital Maternity recognize how valuable time is to our expectant mothers and their families so our clinic operates seven days a week from 8 am – 8 pm except in emergency cases where extended hours may be offered.

How To Reach The Restoration Hospital Maternity?
For those looking to visit or know more about the hospital clinic, our staff is here to help answer all your queries related to our services and facility timings so please contact us via phone or email with your query @ +234 234 775 0900/ [email protected] Alternatively you could come down personally too! Our address again is Al 1 Wushishi Road near the Lagos Street location in Kaduna Nigeria. We look forward to seeing you!

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